Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Finding the Perfect Family Car

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Finding the perfect car for your family requires many variables. Everyone's family is different and therefore my perfect car may not be the same as your perfect car. For example, I have 2 teenagers and a small fur baby, therefore an SUV is always my first choice, simply so there is room for all of us.

At I simply selected my vehicle type and I got tons of SUVs right away. Next, I needed to decide, make, model and price. has a huge selection plus they offer super cool Videos and Reviews!! The website is really user-friendly and took the on the lot pressure of a salesman away. This gave me the time to really sit and focus on what my family wanted, needed, and could of afford, I mean, after all, I am on a Waitress's salary.  Some of my best advice is to become educated on the vehicle you want, then check different dealers to shop for the best deal. Never go with one estimate only. The more you know, the better the deal you can negotiate. All dealers with negotiate keep that in mind.  Always remember you are the customer so the experience should be about YOU!

Good Luck and Happy Car Hunting

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