Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fantastic Glasstic.....Plus A Giveaway!



   To say I am "hard" on water bottles, would be a grave understatement. I am on my feet for hours on end and staying hydrated in very important. Also using the same bottle at work decreases loss in inventory which makes the general manager happy. The only down side is the floors are super hard and I am super clumsy. I have damaged at least 3 to 5 bottles this year alone. So when Glasstic Water Bottles sent me this super cute love design bottle I was thrilled to put it through the test!


 I received a super cute and hot pink (my absolute favorite color) bottle to try and I love it! I dropped it once on purpose to text the durability and dropped it twice more before the end of my shift due to clumsiness. Not even a scratch or leak after all that rough housing either! They have a ton of colors and designs to choose from and prices are super affordable. I love my new water bottle and am so happy to be able to give one away to one of my lucky readers....

It's great to know that Glasstic Water Bottles include

* Leak-Free Flip Clips
* 100% Shatterproof
* BPA/Toxin-Free
* Eco-Friendly
* Double Walled 

  • Design Tool - create a custom outer shell with imprint locations on the front and back
  • Style InsertsTM - make a unique and custom water bottle by adding Style Inserts, our or ones you make with materials you have around the house
  • Window Clings or Vinyl Stickers - use old or new window clings or vinyl stickers to add a custom touch to either the glass or outer shell.

About Glasstic Bottle..

Glasstic Bottle Co. is a division of Healthylicious Living LLC.  They began to develop the Glasstic® glass water bottle over 5 years ago when they saw a need in the market for high quality/pure YET portable beverage containers that are BPA and Toxin Free.  
The portable water bottle market had begun to replace plastic bottles with metal ones due to increasing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles. You can read more about the company here



    WIN One for yourself because it's GIVEAWAY Time!!!


    Disclosure - I was given one or more product from Glasstic Water Bottles in exchange for this review as I am apart of their Blogger Program. Opinions are true and solely my own.

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